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A new service by Coinmad

  • 100% Targeted Traffic
  • Clear pricing, just a flat fee per keyword annually
  • No PPC, No Bidding
  • Unlimited Impressions

Contact us or order online below. Reserve your keywords before it is too late!

Super Search Traffic

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- 5 keywords : only 35 EUR per year (just 7 EUR per keyword annually)
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- 10 keywords : only 55 EUR per year (just 5.5 EUR per keyword annually)
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Note: these killer prices are only valid for the first year.

Is it affordable?

YES! It is much more affordable and efficient than any other advertising method out there... For ONE WHOLE YEAR you are going to get more clicks, impressions and brand awareness than any other method (for the same amount - let's say the minim 35 Euro / year).


- every keyword can be reserved / purchased for one year
- if a keyword appears more than once in a search or product title page, then the banners will be rotated randomly (same or different advertiser)
- minimum length of every keyword is 3 letters
- you can reserver only words and not phrases
- banner format in jpg/jpeg, png or gif (not animated)


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