Insert Coin

Through this page you can virtually offer amounts of money, in order to have the opportunity to receive offers by other users, that wish to get this amount in return. These amounts of money will be mentioned as "Coins" and the procedure “Insert Coin”.

The only case when you will actually pay the amount you “Inserted”, is upon finding something of interest and accepting to complete the deal. No fees or other charges will occur.

How to fill in the fields:

  • "You are offering": fill in the amount of money you want to offer and the type of currency. The inserted amount has to be from 1 to 5000, for safety reasons. Available currencies: Euro, Dollar, UK Pound.
  • "Payment options": select one or more ways you can pay, in case you make a deal with another user. You will have to take care of the payment, only after you accept an offer made to you. Please note that payment has to be made first. Available ways of payment: Cash On Delivery, Credit Card, Moneybookers, Western Union, Paypal, International Money Order, Cheque, Bank Transfer, Pickup from Seller, Other.
    You can indicate an alternative payment method, by ticking the "Other" box.
  • "Regions": indicate the regions you are willing to accept offers from. For various reasons, you may want to exclude one or more countries. The 3 options provided are: (i) All Countries, (ii) Select Countries (In case you need to select more than one country, just hold the "Ctrl" button on your keyboard and click on the countries that you want to choose), (iii) Continents (in case you need to select one or more Continents, just click on the desired check-boxes.
  • "Comments": this is an optional field. You may type a few words about your preferences, or anything else you might want to clear out, concerning the nature of the offers you wish to get. For example, you may indicate that you want to be offered something that has to do with music, movies, etc or you may just leave this field blank and not specify what offers you prefer, just to see how lucky you can get.

Press the "Continue" button to submit your "Coin". You will see a preview of your “Coin”.

  • Press “Modify” if something seems wrong in order to edit your "Coin" again.
  • Press “Confirm” to proceed. You will need to be signed in, in order to complete this step. If you haven’t done so, you may press “Continue” to sign in. After you are successfully signed in, you may confirm that you want to “Insert” the “Coin”.

Your “Coin” is stored after your confirmation.

In the next screen we provide you with the unique Code of your “Coin”, that will be similar to this form : C-E-XO9Z-110209111349 and the date until your “Coin” is active. This means that you won’t be able to receive additional offers for this “Coin”, so you have the opportunity to accept any offer within this period of time.


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