Grab Coin

Through this option, you can make offers on amounts of money, known in CoinMad as “Coins”, in order to make a deal and “Grab Coin”. You may offer whatever you like, items or services, as long as you are compliant with CoinMad’s “Privacy Policy” and “Terms of Use”.

Search for available coins

In this field you may search for other users’ Coins, in accordance with the value of the offer you wish to make. Type the amount of money you wish to get and press “Continue”. Don’t forget to choose the Currency.

All the available Coins that are equal to the amount that you search for, show up.

If such amount does not exist in our system, then you will get this message :
Sorry but currently there is no such amount of money available. Try for another amount of money or browse all money offered.

You have three options from now on:

  • "View close matches": every active Coin close to the amount you were searching for, is listed,
  • "Browse all available coins": every active Coin, no matter the amount, is listed.
  • "Alternatively, you can find coins using the advanced coin search form." : you are linked to the "Search by Coin" page

Create a new offer

In the “Create a new offer” field you can submit an offer, in order to “Grab Coin”.

How to fill the blanks in “Create a new offer” page:

  • “Title”: a general short description of what you have to offer. This will be used as the general title of your offer. There is a limit of 55 characters in this field.
  • “Description”: in this field you need to describe your offer in detail. Please make sure that you type everything that is needed, in order to give the users a clear impression of what you are offering. The more detailed your description is, the more chances you will have in the end to make a succesful deal.
  • “Post Method”: choose one or more ways you can send the item if you manage to make a deal with someone. Available methods: Courier, Post Office, Internet, Pickup from Seller, Other. If you choose the “Other” option, you will need to specify the method in the text box that follows.
  • “Photos”: you may add one or two photos for your offer, in order to give a more detailed view of it. Click on “Browse” and “Open” to upload the picture(s). Make sure that you follow these instructions before you attempt to upload a photo:
    Allowed types of photos: jpg, png, gif
    Your photos will be resized at 400px
    Maximum size of each picture allowed is 1 MB
    The smaller size, the better - less time to wait for your file to be uploaded
  • Before continuing, you will need to click the check-box indicating that “By submitting this offer I do not violate the Terms of Use”. If you are not sure about it, please read the “Terms of Use”.
  • Click “Continue” when you are ready to submit your offer.

On the next screen, you see a preview of your offer and you can either Modify it or Save it by clicking the appropriate button.

By clicking the Save button, your offer is stored to our system. You are provided with a unique Code for your offer, that will be similar to this form : O-E-OT6A-110209133730 and the date that your offer stops to exist. This means that every offer will be removed from our database and from any “Coins” offered to (if any), after 365 days, counting from the day you submitted the offer.


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