In this section you may find the “Completed” and the “Pending Deals”. A deal will be considered as “Completed” when both sides have left feedback score to each other.

The “Completed Deals” section serves as a reference page, in order to view your past deals.

The “Pending Deals” section helps you control and monitor all deals that are not yet completed.

By clicking on “Pending Deals” option, you get a list of your non completed deals, with the following info:

a) The unique code of the deal – upon accepting an Offer, a deal is created that gets its own unique code, like with Coins and Offers.

b) The date that the deal was made

c) The username of the Coin owner and the Offer owner.

You may view more details about each deal by clicking on its unique code.

The page you are now led to, is created in order to control and monitor your actions easier, after a deal is made. You will also be given some tips about how to complete the deal successfully.

Your deal is summarized as an invoice, containing all necessary info in brief. Below the invoice box, you may find two questions that you have to reply, either if you are the Coin owner :

a) have you sent the payment?

b) have you received the offer?

Or if you are the Offer owner :

a) have you received the payment?

b) have you sent the offer?

You will notice that whenever you choose to reply to these questions, the status box above the questions field, is automatically updated.

Please reply to these questions only if you are sure and don’t supply fake info.

Through the “Pending Deals” page you may also leave feedback score to the other user, just by clicking on the “Leave Feedback” link. You may choose to leave positive or negative feedback and write some comments about the other user in 255 characters. Everything you will type will be published at the other user’s Feedback Page, so be polite, honest and precise.

The Messages section is a non-public log with all the conversation you will have with the other user, until the deal is considered as completed. When you make a deal, please make sure that your contact with the other user is made only through this section.


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