Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is CoinMad?

    CoinMad is a buy/sell website, with participating sellers/stores from all over the world!

  2. Do I have to pay anything in order to start using CoinMad?
    Unlike most internet trading websites, CoinMad is totally cost free! You can become a member, just by having a valid email account. It's fast and it only takes two minutes to start using all its features!
  1. By using the 'Find Gift' feature, do I actually have to pay the money, even if I don't find a suitable item for my search?
    Absolutety NOT! By using the 'Find Gift' feature, all you do is declare a certain amount of money you are willing to spare and you only submit it virtually, in order to test what kind of offers it can attract. The only case that you will actually pay this amount, will be, if you find something of interest and buy it.
  2. Why offer my money via 'Find Gift' to other users? I usually know what I want to get when I have the money in my pocket. Why will 'Find Gift' make any difference?
    Let's assume you have 30 USD in your pocket to spare. So imagine to be given the opportunity to ask five of your friends what they would offer you in exchange of your money. Each one of them would most likely give you a different answer. One possibility would be to be offered something you are not interested in. But on the other hand, you could be offered something you wouldn't have even imagined and could be a perfect find for your money.

    In this example we used five of your friends. So the possibility to find something of interest is quite low. Now imagine what offers you could receive, if you had the opportunity to offer the same amount of money to your whole neighborhood or even further to your whole town, or your country! With CoinMad, this opportunity is extended to the maximum, as you now have the chance to get offers from all over the world!!

    CoinMad comes to prove that no amount of money is too low to get you anything! It will give your money a new dynamic and will help you acquire items or get access to services that you've never thought of before!
  3. Can I 'Find Gift' for any amount of money I like?
    Currently CoinMad does not permit gift searches for amounts less than 1 (euro, usd, U.K. pound) or more than 5000 (euro, usd, U.K. pound).
  4. For how long may I accept offers if I search for a gift?
    Each gift search is available for a period of 365 days, during which you may receive offers.
  1. Do you provide specialized services to merchants?
    YES! If you are a merchant, then you are totally lucky if you participate in Coinmad! For the moment, we are providing the following:
    - Free banner (250x250 on the left sidebar)
    - Mass import of your products into your account, through a link for your catalogue in XML format.
    - Auto update of your catalogue.
    - Auto suggest of your products to customers that search for something to buy and participation in mobile app Find Gift.
    - Social media sharing.
    - Targeted traffic via keywords and banners.... and more!

    Details about our services to shops can be found here.
  2. I am a merchant. How do I sign up?
    You just fill in the application form, that you will find at this page.

    Details about our services to shops can be found here.
  3. How can I import my items in batch?
    You have to email us the link for your XML file of your products and we will import them at your account in a timely manner. No extra work is required on your part.
  4. Definition of fields of the XML feeds?
    We accept all valid types of XML.

    In many occassions, XML file is generated from your store. If this is not possible, you may ask help from your webmaster.

    If there is no other XML feed in use for other online services, the specifications are listed in this template file (please forward this to your webmaster / developer of the eshop).
  5. What are the specifications for banners?
    We accept only JPG, JPEG, PNG or GIF (without animation). Sizes depend on locations (250x250 sidebar, 468x60 bottom, 728x90 top etc.).


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